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Help!!!  I'm having trouble with my pedal!

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your pedal.  Here are a few tips that might help you figure it out.  However, you are always welcome to email me ( if you ever have a problem with a pedal.

Try the pedal by itself

First thing I always do is try the pedal by itself.  Take it off the pedal board and just plug the guitar straight in and the pedal straight into the amp.  I can't tell you how many times my pedal board was the cause.  

Are the cables installed correctly?

Might seem silly but... I've done it tons of times.  When looking down at your pedal with the jacks located away from you.  Is the cable with the guitar signal fully plugged in to the jack on the right?  Is the cable going to the amp fully plugged into the jack on the left?   

Warranty and Repairs:

If it breaks, we'll fix it.

It is pretty much that simple with a few minor exceptions.

  • You are responsible for shipping the pedal to me and must pay for shipping (except in the case where the pedal has failed in the first year, then I'll pay for shipping both ways)

  • Cosmetic damages are not covered.

  • You have completely destroyed the pedal by attempting to modify it or by running over it with a car or something like that...     

 Just email if you have any questions and/or need to send it in

Do you offer artists discounts or sponsorships?:

We do not offer any sponsorships or discounts to musicians or bands. 

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