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For the Love of Pedals


It's okay to be a tone snob

In the chaos of today's world, it's important to be flexible. But you don't have to be flexible when it comes to finding the perfect tone. 


WAT?! pedals are designed to satisfy the decerning tastes of even the pickiest tone seekers. Using high quality components, you can be assured that there were no compromises made in the design and build of the the pedal. 

Hand built, one by one, in a garage, in Redlands California.

Fuzz Lands

Fuzz Lands

Fuzz Roots

Ancient Echos

Ancient Echos

Reverberations of the ancients

Image of the workshop
A foot stomping on Pedals

Epic tone
made for guitarists, by guitarists.

What is WAT?!

There are a lot of awesome pedals out there. We know because we've collected and used a lot of them. And yet, creator Ralf Gottschalk is always searching for something a little different, something intangible,  something always seemingly out of reach. We design and build pedals with the intention of connecting you to your inner voice and serving as a muse to your art.

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