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US Shipping Policies:

Shipping in the United States is free and will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail

International Shipping Policies:

All items will ship via USPS First Class or Priority Mail. Please note that international shipping times can be quite long, sometimes even more than a month. If buying off Reverb, I will always attempt to purchase Reverb's "Safe Shipping" (if available) option for all international purchases as an added protection for you and for me in the event that the package is lost or stolen. If other shipping options are desired, please send me a message.

Warranty and Repairs:

If it breaks, we'll fix it.

It is pretty much that simple with a few minor exceptions

  • You are responsible for shipping the pedal to me and must pay for shipping (except in the case where the pedal has failed in the first year, then I'll pay for shipping both ways)

  • Cosmetic damages are not covered.

  • You have completely destroyed the pedal by attempting to modify it or by running over it with a car or something like that...     

 Just email if you have any questions and/or need to send it in

Why are you selling on

I like Reverb, and when running a small business, there are many expenses and hoops to jump through.  Reverb makes it easy to sell and provides a safe platform for both the buying and selling of goods.  I do plan on opening my own shop on this website in the future, when the time is right, but for now I would prefer to work on designing and building pedals.

However... I say that... but as you can see we just opened a Web Store.  New items will be exclusively available on the Web Store for the first few days and then a portion of the stock will be available on Reverb, for those who prefer to buy from there.   



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