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Image of the front of the Ancient Echos pedal

Echos in Greek means "Sound"... the sound of the ancients.  Ancient Echos is a unique take on a reverb pedal that combines delay, modulation, and reverb tones in such a way that allows you to simply add texture to your tone or drench your sound into droned out ambiance.  Ancient Echos Reverb doesn’t try to emulate any particular reverb sound, instead takes the PT2399 and Belton BRDR-3H and pushes each chip to the extreme to create its own delicious sound that doesn’t stomp on your playing, instead enhances it, giving you the tools to explore your creativity.  A reverb pedal born of the idea that what has been, colors what is now, and blurs the lines between traditional and ambient reverb tones. Capable of room tonal thickening, springy neo-surf rock, drenched ambient decays, cavernous endless echoes, and warbled sea cave reflections, all with a touch of low-fi textural colorations.  



Ancient Echos

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